TyreSafe Australia is committed to improving tyre safety
and economics for all tyre users, from the smallest to the largest.

TyreSafe Australia, protecting you and your tyres.

TyreSafe Australia provides equipment and services for all vehicle users from every day recreational or commercial drivers, on road transport and even the giant mining trucks.

TyreSafe Private & Recreational

The safety of your family while towing the caravan is foremost for everyone whilst on holidays. Towing a van is not easy, the potential for a tyre failure is high with disastrous consequences. Recreational drivers demand the most from their tyres. The correct tyre pressure is critical to your safety! Find out how easy it is.

TyreSafe Commercial, Industrial & Mining

Tyres are usually one of the most expensive cost centres for a transport operation be it on road or off road. With decades of experience TyreSafe Australia provides specialist guidance to assist in safety whilst improving the bottom line.