Tyre & Production Efficiencies
What is the benchmark for your tyres?

How much tread rubber are you throwing away with every tyre you scrap? Why?

What does unplanned tyre related downtime costs your production?

Tyres are a major key to your production efficiencies. The time taken by a contractor to physically check tyres can cost, there are easier ways to get more availability.

Don’t consider tyres as a grudge purchase, that low cost option tyre can cost you well in excess of what you think you’ve saved. Rolling resistance of a tyre determines the energy required to roll the tyre, in other words the fuel burn rate. A cheap tyre is cheap for several reasons, the rolling resistance is probably a lot higher than a more expensive tyre. Even at .05% more rolling resistance your savings in the purchase price of a tyre can be eroded by increased fuel costs. Is it really cheaper?

The TyreSafe Australia mantra of "if your tyres aren't turning they're not earning" determines our philosophy, there are many ways to keep your tyres turning, we can assist you to install those that will earn for your operation.