Tyre Inspections

The scrap tyres show the mechanical defects of the equipment as well as the maintenance provided. Tyres are messengers which tell what they have experienced without any lies, if they’ve been well treated it’s very clear, the converse is equally as true.

With appropriate attention end of life tyres can be set aside for retreading. Without attention during the operating life tyres can be damaged so end up being rejected if retreading is considered.

TyreSafe Australia has extensive experience in repair, retread and manufacturing of tyres. Not all tyres are created equally. If in doubt then it’s more than likely the tyre will not live up to expectations.

How do you know your second tier tyres are safe to use? A tyre burst has sufficient contained energy to eject an 80 kg man 2 kilometres. A fatality on a mine site costs many millions of dollars, why risk that when with a TyreSafe Australia pre shipping inspection the risks can be mitigated and managed.

TyreSafe Australia prepares a comprehensive report on the manufacturing facility, the production methods and the tyre product. If the tyre(s) does not have sound appearances, the x-rays do not demonstrate structural integrity then the tyre is rejected prior to shipment, and payment, not when it arrives on your door step.

Can you afford to have suspect tyres in your operations?