Hear What our Clients Say...

"Like most Aussie 4w-drivers, I've always been apathetic enough to react to flat tyres as they come, either by the shock of a sudden blowout or the agonising suspension creaks in the night that let you know you'll have a stake to find in the morning. But the PressurePro system, with its full-time monitoring capabilities, has given me an increased respect for the value of watching tyre pressures as you travel, especially at highway speeds.

One feature I feel should be highlighted is the sealed construction of the sensors that ensures they are waterproof. Of course, this means that they're throwaways at the end of their battery life, but the guys at TyreSafe Australia have experience with sensors lasting up to eight years before they need replacement."
Ian E

"As grey nomads we took off to the outback to look at the things we’d only read about. The caravan loaded, car serviced we were set. A friend had introduced me to the PressurePro tyre pressure monitoring systems, I’d read about them being mandated in the US after a lot of roll overs. After some hours on the road I thought to check the tyre pressures and observed the van pressures had risen a good deal. I’d set them at 45 thinking this was ok so was surprised when I saw they now at 55 psi. I remembered the advice of no more than 15% above cold so at the next stop I added another 5 psi after the tyres had cooled. Strangely the pressures didn’t get over 50 psi after that, guess the increased pressure was required. Exiting a national park the TPMS squealed in alert, a tyre was going down, not very quickly but going down. We found somewhere safe to pull over and sure enough the tyre had been cut causing a slow leak. I don’t like to imagine what would have happened if the tyre had come part when we were travelling at highway speed. The PressurePro system works very well, its reliable and dependable well worth the investment I say.
Marcus G

"We finally got on top of our tyre issues. We did a lot of load repositioning and ended up having to run 122PSI cold to get 9% pressure increase. We found at 118 psi it was 13-14%. It’s amazing how much a couple PSI can make a difference. As we are running the tyre to its maximum load we basically matched the recommended cold PSI which was on the tyre spec sheet and now it’s all good.

So for now it looks like we are in a safe zone. We really appreciated your help and assistance. It really helped us to stay safe and assisted us to keep costs down."
Peter K