Hazard Recognition

TyreSafe Australia in conjunction with a well-recognised safety professional has developed a hazard recognition stickers for tyres, be it in road transport or mining applications.

Currently alerts are provided for hot areas, pinch zones, highly pressurised tanks such as hydraulic tanks, rotating parts, and tyres are largely ignored.

Personnel performing work duties on tyres should be trained and assessed as competent. The Australian Transport and Distribution training packages for drivers has specific units for wheel/tyre changing. Jacking up a loaded truck and changing tyres is not easily, it is hazardous, and there have been recent fatalities.

This sticker provides advice to the person considering the changing of a tyre that they should be competent.

Hazard Recognition
  • Clear instruction is provided to alert the worker as to the correct approach.
  • It is no longer acceptable to think an employee knows "how to"
  • Verification of competency must be established.
  • By alerting the worker to a hazard the employer has performed their duty of care as far as is reasonably practicable.
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