Ho weather tyre pressures


When the weather is hot your tyres will require a little more air than in winter.  Best to add 2 - 5 psi just to be sure.  Remember at highway speeds you should be looking at no more than 15% pressure increase over your cold inflation settings.

 If the pressure is increasing more than 15 % (eg 44 psi cold = 51 psi) then your cold setting is too low.  Consider adding 5 psi more to the "hot" tyre.

If you're stopping for a cuppa then your tyres will cool off within 1.5 hours (except when they're in full sun) so you should check them again before you get going.

With your PressurePro monitor that is easily done, just press the button and read the tyre pressure.

Remember, look after your tyres and they will look after you! 


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