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TyreSafe Australia provides specialist guidance for all tyre users. Clients include the commercial travellers, passenger bus fleets, caravans, 4 wheel drivers, road transport, mining operations, ports, off road transport, the only industry not serviced is the aviation sector.

As our name suggests safety is paramount however without positive economics a safe operation cannot continue. There is a balance and we seek to assist in finding the right mix, regardless of the application.

Experience gained in tyre operations globally is available from TyreSafe Australia, you benefit without the pain of learning for yourself.

TyreSafe Australia also participates in industry associations, contributes to the formulation of training and industry standards, provides public seminars and education sessions to highlight what an important role tyres play in our society, without tyres we’d all be walking.

From manufacturing right through to end of life TyreSafe Australia provides knowledge and guidance for a positive return on the investment you make in tyres.

TyreSafe Australia’s MO is “if they’re not turning, they’re not earning”© applies equally to professional as well as leisure pursuits.